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Professional Upholstering
- All the Trade Secrets

Frank T. Destro, Jr.- author "Professional Upholstering - All the Trade Secrets", offers over 35 years of upholstery experience for residential, commercial and marine clients in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  Learning from several of Cleveland's finest craftsmen, Frank prides himself in offering the highest quality custom upholstering in the greater Cleveland area since 1975.  Frank's dedication is reflected in his prior ownership of Schindler's Fabric & Upholstering Shop, Inc. and North Shore Upholstering, Inc. along with being the instructor for hundreds of students at JoAnn Fabric's "Professional Upholstering" classes from 2002-2009, and then out of his own shop through 2018.
"Professional Upholstering
--All the Trade Secrets"

Attention is given to details such as matching patterns and stripes, cutting welt cords on the bias, zippered cushions, and 8-way hand-tied coil springs for long-lasting durability, are just some of what you can expect... it is what you deserve.

Specializing in antiques and heirlooms, Frank is proud of the expert workmanship he is known for, just ask many of Cleveland's top design firms.

Frank T. Destro, Jr.- Author "Professional Upholstering - All the Trade Secrets"
"Frank's genius as an instructor is his ability to explain the upholstering process in a step-by-step manner that's easy to understand and insures success.  By following his instructions and paying particular attention to his helpful tips, you cannot fail."
- Star-Lee Corpuz, student

440-427-1179    7109 Timber Lane    Olmsted Township, OH  44138

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