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Custom Motorcycle Pet Carriers            

The carriers are custom-made to fit your dog and bike.  I make them with 1/2" plywood, 1/2" very-firm foam, marine grade vinyl, and stainless steel staples. They are fastened to the bike with nylon straps to ensure your pet's safety.  The dogs are held in by wearing a harness that has a ring on the back {top} of it; a chain is put through the ring and connected to stainless I-bolts on each end of the carrier.  For added protection, a second chain is put through their collar and connected to a third I-bolt in the center.  The dogs have enough free play to move and turn around if they want to do so.  A custom wind screen can be made and velcroed to the carrier!  Doggles are a must -- your dogs eyes should be protected just like ours!!  They can be purchased on the web or in your local pet supply store.

All carriers are custom made, therefore I will need your bike temporarily to properly design the patterns for a true custom fit.  This will ensure the safety of the rider and the dog.  Simply put, I cannot make a carrier without your bike and just ship it to you.


Pricing for making the carriers is based on time and material and varies with each bike.  The carriers work best if your bike has a sissy bar and saddle bags;  This will make the carrier very stable and safer for your pet.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.  Thank you, Frank T. Destro Jr.

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